About Us

With a combined total of thirty of years of teaching experience, ten years of marriage, and two kids, Linden and Jennifer Lantz are thrilled to be making music more accessible to everyone in the community by opening a brand-new, full-service music store. The two met in college while pursuing Music Education degrees. Between the pair, they have taught everything from preschool church music to competitive marching band and everything in between.


Linden, who has a Masters in Conducting, is a certified instrument repair technician who can play every instrument and repair them too. He has spent the last eleven years as band director for both middle and high school bands in public and private settings. With all his personal and professional band experience, he is well-versed in what works well for players of all levels. In addition, he’s been repairing instruments to help his bands for over five years. He’s thrilled to have the chance to repair full-time and get instruments back into the hands of players who need them.

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Jennifer taught middle school choir and elementary music for eight years before becoming a mom to Joseph, 5, and Lois, 3. She now directs the children’s choirs and preschool music at their family’s church, and is looking forward to coordinating the lessons program, assisting Linden, and creating an environment in the store that is comfortable for their family and all the families that come to make music with them!

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